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Jesus H. Christ in a loving mother fucking chicken basket!!!!!

So the world's ending, how's everyone doing? I heard on the radio that the people responsible for the terrorism will be punished. Yes, give them a good spanking and send them to their rooms without supper. I think 'punished' is an understatement. We could go into a third world war! I was arguing with Aaron about this last night. He doesn't believe in fighting for this because of it's cause. I could understand not wanting to fight, but being attacked by another country isn't cause enough? Not saying that this was another country, but I'll be damned if it isn't- So yes, I am saying it's another country. Anyway, aparently I was talking down to him and I pushed buttons and we're not talking and are probably broken up. That's the least of my worries, I'm way too preoccupied with this whole ordeal than to even think about my social life. Aaron goes about this as if it doesn't affect him! "Yeah, well sucks to be those people in New York and Washington." Does he not get it? It directly affects all of us! I'm still in shock- I don't know what I'm writing about, not that it really matters- thousands and thousands of people were killed yesterday! In this country! In very important buildings! I was glued to the TV yesterday- and it didn't matter that they were showing the same footage over and over again, it was like I had to watch it for another five hours and maybe then things will soak in! I keep on drifting in and out of reality. Things will be fine and I'll forget that this happend and the next second I'm just paralysed by it, what's going to happen? I'm kind of scared. This goes completely against my Conservativeness and I demand that it didn't happen! Go back and just erase it!!! I can't deal with this kind of change! I have a hard enough time changing schools and boyfriends! Besides some gas stations being without gas and everyone talking about it, it seems like nothing has changed. Just wait....
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