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Why must I be so blond?!

So today I was eating ice cream when Aaron came to pick me up from work. He was early, for a change and I wanted to save my ice cream so I put it in the freezer for later. Tonight I come home ready to eat some ice cream so I grab my bowl full of ice cream and spoon out of the freezer and put it in my mouth. Yes it was a metal spoon, and when I ripped it out of my mouth I left behind a chunk of skin on the spoon. Way to go me.
I'm going to the UP tomorrow with Dan, Aaron, Kyle, Kristine and maybe Caleb. We won't be back until Thursday. Whoopee!! I think I like Aaron a lot more today than the day before yesterday. I could learn a lot about relationships with him, he's teaching me patience, tolerance, and independence (somewhat). I think I'm going to have some fun with this boy. So Caleb has a cat now. He was watching this kitty for his friend Andi and she said that she can't take him back because her mom won't let her. So Caleb has a kitty. He's adorable.
I turned all of my stuff in for school today. I'm really excited to go!! I have direction.
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