Brooke (littertraining) wrote,

well, I got drunk by myself again, but this time I'm sad.....

I'm just so sad! I don't know exactly what it is but it sucks. My friend Rachel told me that her sister told her that this girl that is an ex of the guy that I'm dating has an STD. And maybe I'm just dumb or something but that really bothers me. No I'm not dumb, that should bother me, I'm getting tested on Friday no matter what. But maybe that's not why I'm so sad. Maybe it's because Aaron (the guy that I'm seeing) wanted to walk to his car and didn't want a ride at all. I wasted a lot of gas today driving everywhere to a place that I didn't want to be in the first place, Amanda's house. But anyway, Rachel told me this and Kristine, my other good friend who slept with a guy (another guy that I slept with) who also slept with that same girl whilest we were at Amanda's house. So of course we were conversing amungst eachother. Aaron and I were having a good night- so I thought, he paid attention to me, and we went out to dinner before this. But when he was ready to leave, he wanted to walk to his car and I acted as though I really would have liked to drive him to his car- because I was wearing sexy pants and a sexy shirt for him so I figured that he wanted to... I don't know. But he just really wanted to walk to his car. I wonder what he had to think about. Because usually when I walk it's because I have things to think about. I work with him tomorrow, maybe I'll get answers then.
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