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Floating Along.....

I'm at school right now, and I'm very bored. I should be doing lots of homework right now, but I don't want to. Aaron and I broke up for good a week and a half ago. And he's been a slut ever since. But the gross thing is these girls aren't even cute! And they probably have 10 badgillian STDs. Which means that this girl's never going to sleep with him again. Unless I get drunk, really drunk and Dan and Caleb and one of Aaron's whores aren't there. But I'll never be in that situation- I won't let myself. Ah, time to go outside soon. I love outside. Outside is cold and calming usually accompanied by a cigarette or two.
I'm doing some neat sporatic things lately. Like getting drunk spur of the moment and getting some guys that I just met at the bar to come over to Dan's house. It's way fun. I'm enjoying my time- walking. I missed school yesterday because I slept in. It made me feel crappy, but we didn't do anything important. I felt like my day was a waste.
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