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The last show ever...

Yeah, I heard that it was Rockwater's last show on the news today! OHMYGOD! And everyone that's on the Rockwater's mailing list is going to know and probably see the show- WOW! I really hope Aaron can play- or Steve anyway. Aaron doesn't think that they're ready for it at all, and Steve's dad's voice box is being taken out because of throat cancer, that's so sad and scary. I feel so bad for him, and I hear Steve's not doing so well with it either. I'm not going to smoke anymore, at least not around Steve... We really should have practiced tonight but I didn't see that Dan called until I got home at 2:15, and Aaron was practicing at Steve's which meant that my bass wasn't available. I'm so nervous! I don't know if I'm going to be able to play that Subhuman's song. I was talking to Aaron about it and he was telling me that he should take a look at it for me. But there's nothing he can do about it- I know how it goes, I know different ways that I can play it, I just can't get it up to tempo. He kept on insisting that I needed to be taught something- that's not it, I just don't have the skill to play that fast yet. I think I'll take some ephidrine before the show, that tends to make me a better musician, and a faster one! It's kind of funny, you'd think that the Rockwater's last show should be a tribute to them or something- like 'we love Jesus and we love to spread the word,' but this show is going to be all about, 'this is the reason why you went out of business, you stupid mother fuckers.'
My cat insists on being as close to me as he can- like on the keyboard! Get out of my way!! I helped Aaron clean up the house a little today. I scrubbed up the bathroom window- but there's still plenty of work that needs to be done to the house. I still can't believe that they got that house! It's frickin crazy! After we did that we went to Annie's and I saw Sara Stachowiak, and Molly there. They really didn't have much to say. And then Sarah Hirsch and Sandy stopped in. So I hung out with them when Aaron went to practice- that boy is going to blow up, he doesn't get nearly enough sleep to be alive. Sarah and Sandy are going to South Carolina tomorrow at 6:00 am. I hope everything goes well for them. I'm watching Sandy's cat while there gone, even though her roommate, Michelle, will be at home. I went out for coffe with Michelle when the two went to sleep. Poor girl, she has so many problems... It makes me depressed talking to her.
Ahh! There's so much going on! With the show, Aaron moving in, school starting.... OK so that's not all that much, but enough for me to get all crazy. I'm so excited! Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket!!!
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