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Man that bass riff is fast!!

Yeah, so that Subhumans' song that we ARE going to play is kind of- difficult. But I'm so determined to get it, I'll be terribly disappointed in myself if I don't get it up to tempo by the show!
I did a photo shoot with my mom today, we did someone's kids. It was pretty fun, but kind of early. I had a strange dream this morning- Dan and Aaron and I were driving through the jungle in Africa. We almost hit a huge pregnant deer! And then Dan says, "Well, at least it wasn't those damn ostriches," and then a flock of ostriches ran in front of the car and we barely missed them. Then we went down into this secret cave with an underground waterfall. It was way cool and we were all amazed that we discovered it. So we had to take brochures from the tourist shop to prove to our friends that we discovered it. (It made perfect sense at the time)
I trained a new guy at work today. His name is TJ, he's 20, so we gabbed it up and I told him about our show at the Rockwater and he said, "That sounds really cool, I'll have to talk to my wife about it." That was kind of a step-back statement. He said he was going to bring a crowd to the show. I hung out with the bartender, Jordan today when I was bored at work, and he says that he's going to bring a crowd too! I talked to Aaron and he said that he might not be playing the show anymore because Steve's dad is in the hospital!! It sounds kind of serious!
After work I went to Annies and saw Eric Tillman, Kara Marten, and my sister there, and then Sarah Hirsch came by with Sandy Trempe. We all had a wonderful time. It was getting late and I told Aaron that I would stop by Steve's house, but I didn't because I thought it was too late. So I decided that I would stop by his house and see if he was there. He wasn't, so I waited 15 minutes in my van until he got home. I just wanted to talk to him- and appoligize for not going out to Steve's.- I thought it would be a pleasant surprise. But, you know Aaron, the first thing he said was, "Why didn't you wait inside?" Granted it was late and he had to get up early, he brushed me off and went to bed as soon as he got in the door. This should bother me, or at least it would've had I not gone through this a badgillian times before and wasn't kind of expecting it. I've learned to accept this from him- even though it pisses me off that I told him exactly how I felt like I was being treated two nights before. He didn't even say anything to what I had to tell him, it was like he was ignoring me talking about how I don't like to be ignored. But what can you do? I'll accept it now, but if it becomes an issue, I'll be forced to give him the boot.
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