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We are all just prisoners here, of our own device

Last night I went to this house that Aaron wants. We took a look around and it looked pretty cool. There were so many closets and so much closet space! A lady's dream house. The upstairs bathroom had a lot of room in it too, I figured it was for dancing after you get out of the shower. I hope Dan likes it, and I hope they get it. I made some more cookies today, maybe I'll give them to Dan. They're especially good, I made them with white sugar, brown sugar, and a whole lot of love. I can't wait to see Kate!!!!! I'm going to meet her at the airport, I miss her so much, it's going to be so great!!!!!
Yesterday I went to Eau Claire Dells with Sara Stachowiak. All she talks about is Jonah, how she's a viegand and guitar. It's weird because even though it seems like she's changed so much, she really hasn't. She gets involved in boys way too fast and too much and well, what can I say?
Aaron just called, like with in the last minute. I guess I'm going to take pictures of the band tonight while they practice. It should be a blast!
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